Speed Judge was started in 2002 while the founders of RPI Technologies Inc. traveled across the Midwest attending and promoting car shows.  During those years they also planned and hosted a number of large scale car shows which is what birthed the Speed Judge system.

After many years of developing the system for their own events, they decided to take Speed Judge on the road and demonstrate all of the time saving that they had realized from the system.  Some of the initial clients include the GM Small Car Bash, NHRA Sport Compact Series, Mid Ohio Sports Car Course, and TruckShow.org (Slamology Automotive & Music Festival).

In the early years the system was a service provided by RPI Technologies Inc. and would require them to travel to your event with all the required equipment, administer the system, and then leave once the car show results had been tallied and delivered.  As one can guess, they could only be so many places at one time and therefore began to take Speed Judge to the next level by putting it online.

After many years of development and tuning, Speed Judge is now hosted in the cloud and offers a far better experience for their customers.  Your registration data and reports are easy to access from anywhere, judging scores and information can be viewed in real-time, and they are constantly making improvements for all of their customers to enjoy.

Please inquire today to see how the system can help your next event.  You will be impressed!

~Rpi Technologies Inc.